Sample Rate Conve Filters - ADA2496

Custom digital filters in AD and DA conversion for optimizing performance when using 44.1 or 48 kHz sample rates.
by Knud Christensen & Thomas Lund
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PC Based Realtime Signal Processing

A cost-effective fast prototyping system is proposed, comprising of a PC running MatLab as controller and a dedicated DSP windows DLL to handle real-time processing.
by Lars Arknaes
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Multichannel Signal Processing Tools

Changing sound recording and production from stereo to multichannel creates new demands on the signal processing tools.
by Soren Nielsen
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Compression Applications

A description of compressors and their applications. Practical advice about parameters and how compressors can be used on single and complex sources.
by Maureen Droney & Howard Massey
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Measuring Sensory Consonance by Auditory

A measure of sensory consonance is computed for musical intervals (chords), and the relation between consonance and dissonance to the psychoacoustic notions of roughness and critical bandwidth is discussed.
by Esben Skovenborg & Soren Nielsen
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Realtime Control of Audio Effects

Network-based audio systems pose a significant jitter problem when AD, DA and sample rate conversion is required. This paper describes a new clocking technology that eliminates such obstacles, and finally makes Firewire as robust as high quality point to point digital interfacing.
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Selection And Tuning Of HRTFs

A paper about the reproduction of a five-channel signal over normal headphones. Informal listening tests show that a large number of different HRTFs do not have the desired level of quality.
by Andreas Silze
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