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The SCF: The Holy Grail of Chorus

TC Electronic is founded by brothers Kim and John Rishoj in the suburbs of Aarhus, Denmark. Drawing from their experience as musicians, they develop the now legendary Stereo Chorus/Flanger guitar pedal or simply – SCF. Praised for its lush tones, and a low noise level and transparent character, the now legendary SCF remained in production for 40 years and is still sought after today.

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The Birth of a Legend: The 2290 Digital Delay

After the success of their first line of guitar pedals TC Electronic takes a turn towards studio gear and develops a range of rack mounted effects processors, including the iconic TC2290. Regarded as one of the best sounding delay units ever designed, the 2290 becomes a mainstay in studios around the world and is inducted into the TEC Hall of Fame in 2015.

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TC Group

The TC Group is formed. Over the following years the group is joined by a number of professional audio brands, including Tannoy, Lake, TC Helicon, Lab Gruppen and TC APPLIED TECHNOLOGIES.

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Designed for Greatness: System 6000

System 6000, TC Electronic’s innovative dynamics and effects processor, takes the pro audio world by storm. The unit quickly becomes a prominent tool within both the film and music industries, and receives a TEC Award in Signal Processing Technology/Hardware.

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A Tech Leap Year: TonePrint Pedals and the PolyTune

The first TonePrint pedals are unveiled at NAMM. These pedals have the ability to beam in custom effect presets to the guitar pedal using a smartphone, opening up all kinds of new sonic possibilities for musicians and tone tweakers. That same year, the world's first polyphonic guitar tuner, the PolyTune earns TC Electronic its 11th TEC Award.

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A Modern Classic: Ditto Looper

TC Electronic breaks new ground with the best-selling Ditto Looper pedal – a complete reimagining of what a guitar looper should be, sporting a dead simple one-knob layout. With its focus on simplicity and sound quality, Ditto becomes an instant hit and essential practice tool for guitar players all over the world.

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Joining the Tribe

Music Tribe acquires the TC Group. With the acquisition, TC Electronic joins Behringer, Bugera, Midas, Turbosound and Klark Teknik in what later evolves into the Music Tribe.