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Our CTO for Broadcast & Production, Thomas Lund, has taken a number of mobile devices, including Apple's iPhone and iPad, to the test bench at the 'TC Lab'.

In this white paper, all the test results, recommendations and a practical guide are disclosed.

  • Target-Level for Mobile Recommendation
  • 3-Step Guide: From HD Audio to Mobile
  • Elaboration on Perception, Clarity and Speech Intelligibility

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Audio for Mobile, iPad and iPod

By Thomas Lund

For five years, the author has systematically studied audio capabilities of Pod and Mobile TV devices from Apple, Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson.This paper is the first public report from parts of the test investigating what a Mobile user is able to hear, and what she can't.

Published at NAB 2013, Las Vegas.

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Señales de audio para TV móvil, iPad e iPod

By Thomas Lund

Durante cinco anos, el autor de este articulo ha estudiado de forma sisternatica las capacidades audio de los dispositivos para TV mewl! y Pods de Apple, Nokia, Samsung y Sony Ericsson. Este articulo es la primera presentacion ante del publico de una parte de las pruebas e investigaciones acerca de lo que un usuario de dispositivos moviles es capaz de y lo queno.

Publicado en NAB 2013, Las Vegas

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The CALM Act and Cross-platform Broadcast

By Thomas Lund

This paper details the loop spanning from production to multi-platform delivery that paves the way for high-quality audio across genres and platforms. Optimized normalization for iPod and iPhone devices is reported, and the ongoing NoTube project is described.

Published at NAB 2012, Las Vegas.

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Loudness Range Design

By Esben Skovenborg

In 2009 we published the algorithm for computing LRA that was included in the EBU R-128 recommendation for loudness normalisa-tion.This paper describes the design choices underlying of the LRA algorithm.

Published at AES 2012, Budapest

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Momentary Loudness: RMS Filter Options

by Esben Skovenborg & Thomas Lund

Employing loudness meters provides an efficient way of balancing the levels of broadcast programs and channels in order to prevent the viewer/listener from experiencing annoying level jumps.

Published March 2012.

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The BS.1770 Broadcast Standard Revisited

by Thomas Lund

The ITU standard has been updated to BS.1770-2. It now work across genres, for instance between commercials and regular programming. Transparency is a must for the broadcaster, for the producer, and wrt legislation such as the CALM Act. Coherent new EBU R128 tools are also described.

Published at NAB 2011, Las Vegas.

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