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What's TonePrint?

A TonePrint is a unique signature preset of an effect that's build from the ground up by an artist to suit his or her needs, or - made by you to finally nail that sound in the back of your mind that's been eluding you forever.

We're constantly working with the world's most accomplished guitarists and bass players who personally dial in their unique Tone-Prints for you to use with your TonePrint pedal. The list is ever expanding!

TonePrints let you completely alter the character of your TonePrint pedal in seconds. Every aspect of the pedal is adjustable with the totally free TonePrint app: What parameters to control or how many, the EQ curve of the signal, and a chest of hidden tone treasures hiding just below the simple exterior.

The TonePrint app also lets you access all the awe-inspiring artist TonePrints as well as a bunch cool TC Electronic-made templates, ranging from classic vintage-sounding goodness to monkey flippin'weird and back again.

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Get the TonePrint app!

The free TonePrint app is the door to the TonePrint universe. Open it up and enter a world of signature tones made by and for the best guitarists in the world.

Instead of just emulating world famous rock stars, we collaborate with them, making signature sounds to their exact specifications and our steadily growing library of awesome artist TonePrints is available for free. For. Ever.

But how do I get the TonePrint into my pedal, you ask?
That's the cool part. Once you've found a TonePrint that piques your interest, just hold your smartphone up to your guitar pickup, press a button and the TonePrint beams into your pedal through your guitar cable like on Star Trek.
And that's it! You're ready to rock n'roll. It's so easy that even your knuckle-dragging cousin could do it!

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Make your own TonePrint!

Just like world famous TonePrint artists, you can make your own signature version of our effects.

Use the TonePrint app to access all of the magical parameters hidden within our TonePrint pedals: reassign knobs to different parameters and tinker with a plethora of sound shapping elements to make up a unique TonePrint for yourself, perfectly adjusted to your rig and your musical needs.

Instead of tweaking superficial parameters or being stuck with a couple of all-in-one presets, you can fundamentally change the character of our TonePrint pedal to the point of entering a different effect category.

You can create as many variations of an effect as you can imagine and set up your own catalogue of epic tones.