Spinning Delays Signature Presets by Jon Burton

Jon Burton, chief live sound engineer for The Prodigy, is a master of sonic balances, powerful sound and making the sub as much felt as heard.

Jon’s presets for the TC2290-DT are truly one of a kind! Here’s what he has to say about the presets, he made:

“Answer Back Mod” is a kind of call-and-answer delay, great for spinning in at the end of a line. I always add my echo in by hand, spinning it in when I need it so all these presets reflect that style of mixing. It was something I picked up working on dub gigs, when I started watching people like Adrian Sherwood who would do it with such enthusiasm, he would pull the knobs off the desk. True style!

“Long Falling Spin” is a real end of line effect where you have some space and can listen to the slow degrading quality of the sound. Great for where you want the decay to die with a certain style and class!

“Deep Pan Spin” and “Light Pan Spin” are my go to effects for adding depth to a delay. I love a bit of stereo pan and these give that larger than stereo dimension. My use of effects is rarely subtle and I like to use these to give an added dimension to the sound.

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Answer Back Mod

Long Falling Spin

Deep Pan Spin

Light Pan Spin

Other Signature Presets by Jon Burton