The Presets You’re Looking For Signature Presets by Skywalker Sound

No two ways about it: for 40 years straight the engineers at Skywalker Sound have dominated the Oscars and set a high bar for sound design for film and TV.

For this set of Signature Presets, they will take you on an audio odyssey - from confined corridors & kitchens to the warmth and beauty of out-of-this-world spaces.

These are the presets, you're looking for!

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SKY Corridor

"Imagine a corridor, and this is what it sounds like. With the early reflections cranked all the way up, and a not too long verb, this preset defines that particular space to perfection."

SKY Courtyard

"Based on an exuberant slap delay where the sound bounces off the walls some 20 or 30 metres away, this space has lots of dramatic potential. Tweaking the long delay will add a distinctive character for more intimate or romantic design."

SKY Kitchen

"This reverb sports a short tail and next to nil early reflections. The atmosphere is alive, and you sense it's a room for people, where strong human relations are built over the burning stove."

SKY Livingroom

"A warm room with extremely well balanced frequencies. The straight-jacket control subdues rumble in the low end and unwanted flutter in the top."

SKY Parking Garage

"Based on the sonic qualities of a church space, with solid stone walls far away from the sound source, this highly detailed preset is the perfect starting point for any large and dark reverb."

SKY Small Room

"This is about as soft as VSS3 Native will ever get. The SKY Small Room preset is a short verb with dampened highs for that homely brandy & cigars vibe."

Skywalker Sound Collection 1

"Natural and savage, yet tidy and extremely musical, this preset will set the stage for any well defined smaller venue - or cantina. It won't answer the question of who shot first, but it'll give you the reverb means to figure it out for yourself."

Skywalker Sound Collection 2

"Large and wide, with even temper across all frequencies and the modulation dialed all the way back for a natural feel, this reverb will restore peace and justice to your sonic galaxy."

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