Metallica Producer Signature Presets by Flemming Rasmussen

Producer and Audio Engineer Flemming Rasmussen, most famous for his work with Metallica during the 80s, has made a set of unique Signature Presets for the TC2290-DT.

This package consists of three diverse and useful delay settings. First off is the “Vox Dyn 1”, a lush, modulating chorus delay for lead vocals. Another is a long, wide panning delay called “Long Delay Pan 1”, that works great for i.g. acoustic guitar tracks. The last preset is the “Solo Gtr Ekko 1”, a quick and randomly panning long delay, ideal for soaring electric guitar solos.

These presets are truly defined by Rasmussen’s talent in finding perfect delay sounds – check out the creation process in the video below and download them right here.

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Long Delay Pan 1

Solo Gtr Ekko 1

Vox Dyn 1

Other Signature Presets by Flemming Rasmussen