Light Up The Sky Signature Presets by Jon Burton

Jon Burton, chief live sound engineer for The Prodigy, is a master of sonic balances, powerful sound and making the sub as much felt as heard.

These reverb presets for DVR250-DT will bring out the best in your tracks, and give them a solid sense of place.

Here’s how Jon describes the presets:

“Ragga dub snare” recreates the old BBD delay sound, I remembered from early dub gigs I did. The company I worked with had a Yamaha E1005 delay, it was rubbish but you could get this snare sound out of it that I loved. This comes pretty close. Use the Time Fine setting to instantly give you three flavours of boing!

“Slow pace plate” is just a nice, gentle, big plate. Not a sound that features much on a Prodigy show but with artists like Richard Hawley, it forms the backbone of the lush vocal sound I strive for.

“Sense of Place” is great for very dead stages. I sometimes do festivals where the stage is just very dry and this helps give the vocals somewhere to sit… a “sense of place”.

“Slam door toms” lacks any subtlety, it is for a sound on the floor toms we like to call the 'slamming doors of hell', this is what big toms are supposed to sound like!

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Ragga Dub Snare

Slow Pace Plate

Slam Door Toms

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