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About Satchel

The ferocious days of the 80's hairspray kings on Sunset Strip may be long gone, but audiences worldwide still crave good lookin' dudes with pouty lips, eyeliner and voluminous hair the length of a model's legs playing glamorous sounding rock anthems.

Just ask Satchel, the six-string hero of glam rock sensation Steel Panther.

Every time Satchel hits the stage, he transforms his surroundings and takes his audience back to a time, where music was just more carefree and fun.

He cranks his amp to eleven and beyond, tearing out the volume knob and drowns it in a lukewarm bottle of booze, because you know that's how rock'n'roll was made to be. Loud and action packed!

You shouldn't turn away, shaking your head in disbelief, due to the clear elements of comedy and sarcasm that makes this colorful gang of renegades stand out. Behind the jokes and the parody-attitude lays an undeniable musicality that draws from all the greats.

With clear inspiration from heavy guitar virtuosos Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple) and Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath), Satchel easily muscles the gut punching riff, and similar to the iconic guitar hero Van Halen, he deftly creates guitar-rhythm parts that stick in your head.

Whether you describe Steel Panther as heavy metal's comic afterbirth, a foul-mouthed Kiss or plainly macho heavy rockers with pink lipstick, Satchel's ear twisting musical skills and catchy riffs are no joke. Playing classic chord progressions, he ups the ante by adding accents and making them his own.

The sound may be based on a more than 30-year-old hair metal tradition, but the riffs sound fresh and vibrant. It almost compels you to throw on a pair of leather pants, fix up your hair high with hairspray, and stroll down the street, wearing sunglasses in cloudy weather, sipping a Jack Daniels on a weekday. Rock, man!

Satchel's gift for riffing and speedy leads, combined with his bawdy humor (it's like watching a standup-comedian on an over-the-top, unstoppable, embarrassingly long rant about sex, intercourse and in-action-condom-testing), has made him a massive hit online.

He also generously passes on his guitar knowledge to a large audience of viewers. Look him up on YouTube, between the locker-room rants of boobs and pick-ups (not those on your guitar!), there is a vast amount of tips and how-to tricks, all keynotes to mastering the guitar.

Satchel is currently on tour in America until January 2017. Steel Panther release their new album 'Lower the Bar' the 24th of February 2017.

If your party needs to get rowdy, Satchel's fierce Steel Panther licks are the way to go!

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