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About Phillip McKnight

Phillip McKnight is a luthier who started building and repairing basses and guitars in 2003. He is known throughout the industry for having a seemingly endless knowledge of instruments, and gear, as well the ins and outs of the music business.

McKnight has gained an impressive amount of traction online as an opinion maker about guitar gear and guitar related topics. With his clear, straightforward and honest videos about gear, he has struck a chord with guitarists worldwide, reviewing pieces of equipment and offering his opinions on some of the most frequently asked questions about guitar.

As a former music store owner, his insight on both the tech stuff and the commercial side of things surpasses almost anyone. This inspired him to start a YouTube Channel, Know Your Gear, in 2015, and it quickly became a well-known source for information about gear.

His videos are filled with easy and simple hacks to improve most instruments, useful and applicable guitar lessons as well as insightful, in-depth discussions on different aspects of the world of guitar.

McKnight has built a community of players who have a shared passion for gear and music. This community is predicated on the idea that the equipment music is made on, in some cases, can be just as important as the music itself, so understanding it is key to the development of a musician. Know Your Gear has now become internationally renowned with tens of millions of views, and over one hundred thousand subscribers and growing.

Here at TC Electronic, we applaud McKnight's open and thoughtful approach to the guitar industry. This approach was also evident when we did a TonePrint with him at GuitCon this year. Rarely, a player has a vision of what he wants a TonePrint to do, that is so precise and particular as McKnight's TonePrint is. It's something that you can use immediately and we know it will inspire a ton of players.

TonePrints by Phillip McKnight

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