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About Mashti

Norwegian producer and DJ Mashti alias Mads Nordheim is not shy of categorizing himself as a wizard in the studio. He is the son of world-known classical composer, Arne Nordheim, and it shows.

Fusion is probably the word most often used to describe his music, but that isn't saying a lot. Mashti has throughout his carreer taken fusion to a whole new level.

The elements of his music are many and varied, a carefully chosen fusion of select the traditional and modern, the acoustic and the electronic. Hard hits and slow driving, deep bass lines that hypnotize fused with instrumental pieces and sounds that carry you to other places.

In many ways, Mashti's output continues to be music's last empty quarter, where everything and nothing surprises you, yet always delivers great energy and magical storytelling.

His tracks have been a regular sight on leading lounge and world music compilations, including the widely acclaimed Buddha Bar series. Co-ops with other major artists within the genre includes Jean von Baden, Deep Dive Corp, Ingrid Chavez and Hush Forever.

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