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About John Konesky

John S. Konesky is a Grammy Award winning American guitarist, additional vocalist, producer and actor. He has been called a mythical guitar god and whether it is in Tenacious D, Trainwreck, The Kyle Gass Band or his solo work, his excellent guitar playing definitely lives up to the nickname.

Konesky was practically born with long hair and a full-grown moustache and has rocked the guitar ever since his hands could grab one. Okay, we're probably stretching the truth here, but honestly there was never any doubt in John's mind that his life's calling was music.

Throughout his teens he dedicated himself to guitar and nothing but guitar, basically living like a hermit in his own musical dream-sphere. But boy did it pay off!

At age 23 Konesky moved to Los Angeles in his pursuit of becoming a full-time musician, and basically just to jam with the best. This led to him meeting Kyle Gass who invited him to join his comical hard rock band Trainwreck.

Trainwreck was the first big piece in the puzzle that created John's musical destiny. The next piece was put in place when Kyle introduced John to his good friend Jack. Jack Black that is. This resulted in Konesky quickly landing the job as full-time 'stunt-guitarist' for the biggest comic-rock act to walk the earth, namely Tenacious D. John played a major role in the making of the soundtrack to Tenacious D's cult-movie 'The Pick Of Destiny', while laying down lead guitar on their 2012 record 'Rize Of The Fenix'.

As Trainwreck eventually broke up, John and Kyle started an online show titled Guitarings, which is basically a show about guitars and how to be awesome while playing them. Later on, John was invited by Kyle Gass to join his self-titled band 'The Kyle Gass band' in which John acts as the lead guitarist.

Aside from all of these projects that see John apply his talents to the work of others, he also released his own masterpiece in 2009. A folk album titled 'Kones'. Though he's mostly known for playing leads, Konesky's true passion lies in chords, harmonies and finger-style guitar, which is exactly what the album is about. It features nothing more than himself, his acoustic guitar and a truck-load of emotions.

When it comes to guitar pedals and effects John is a minimalist and goes for the tiniest pedals he can find and only gets the stuff he needs to do his thing.

But then again, why would anyone need a sea of effects if you were like John Konesky, a satanically good guitar player.

Today John Konesky is still a resident in L.A. where he has his own studio. He's still holding down the fort as Tenacious D's live guitarist while occupying the permanent spot as lead guitarist in both The Kyle Gass Band and in the band Big Talk. To round it all off, he's working on a follow-up to his debut album. The world definitely hasn't seen the last of John and his six-string talents.

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