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About Jason LaRocca

As a Los Angeles native, veteran scoring engineer Jason LaRocca has always been close to Hollywood. Coming out of rock music his powerful mixes have seen him put the sonic glue in both theatrical feature films, tv series, and immersive games.

There's obviously a long way from a four-track cassette machine to the giant consoles of Hollywood. But like so many others, Jason LaRocca's first foray into mixing and producing started out with a rock'n'roll band and a TASCAM Porta.

At the age of 18, Jason had already become a fully fledged producer and recording engineer.

His always original, often genius approach to recording has led him to collaborations with notable composers such as Nick Urata, Emmy-winning Mark Isham, Craig Armstrong, and strings connoisseur David Campbell.

Working mostly in the box with the occasional hardware reverb on the side, Jason has worked on such diverse projects as The Accountant, A Series of Unfortunate Events for Netflix, and the intimate soundtrack for American Crime for ABC.

Not to mention the amazing CGI-live-action flick Paddington, based on the adventures of the 1950's teddy bear character by the same name.

Jason's steady hand and ear seamlessly interweave electronic, rock and classical elements with a rare confidence, and animated by his moonlighting in the acclaimed punk rock four-piece The Briggs, he always brings that special something to his score mixes.

One of the things that set Jason's work apart from many others, is his bold use of philharmonic recordings. Always appreciating the key character and tone traditions of the individual instruments, he feeds these the energy, potency and sometimes ferociousness of rock'n'roll, taking them to new and unexpected levels of expression.

Because, really, a little bit of punk rock never hurt anyone!

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