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About Henning Pauly

Knowledgeable, honest, and energetic, Henning Pauly aka. EytschPi42, is not just a guitar player, but a skilled producer, composer, and entrepreneur.

Growing up in a musical family, Pauly originally started playing the piano when he was six years old. Though he caught on pretty quick, the piano didn't really inspire him the way that music should.

In fact, musical inspiration didn't really hit him until he turned 15, when his brother bought him the first Bon Jovi album as a birthday present and he started exploring the world of rock 'n roll in the heyday of hair metal.

Not long after, Pauly got his first cheap nylon string acoustic.

At 21, he went to Berklee College of Music in Boston and majored in 'Contemporary Writing and Production', as well as 'Music Synthesis' (Sound Design), graduating in 2001 summa cum laude.

After that, he went straight to LA where he briefly worked at the famous Guitar Center on Sunset.

This led to him finding a position as the head of the studio for an ad agency where he worked for 5 years.

He wrote jingles, produced radio and TV spots: including the used car dealer spots...

By coincidence, he got a deal with a progressive rock record label which lead to him writing and producing albums with James LaBrie (Dream Theater), Sebastain Bach (Skid Row), Michael Sadler (Saga), Mike Keneally (Vai, Satriani, etc.) and many others.

After that, Pauly moved back to Germany and built a studio and somehow that led him to making YouTube videos about guitar gear.

His videos are reviews not demos and always feature a section, where he gives his honest opinion about the gear in question.

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