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About Flemming Rasmussen

The legendary Danish producer, recording engineer and mixer Flemming Rasmussen is best known for his work with Metallica on iconic records such as 'Ride the Lightning', 'Master of Puppets' and '…And Justice for All'.

In the beginning of his career, Rasmussen started working as an in-house-engineer and became known for his flair for creating great sound and ability to work with all genres of music from Jazz, Folk, and Pop to Hardcore Metal.

In 1999, Rasmussen took over the famous Sweet Silence Studios, established in 1976. During the 90s and early 00s, the studio spat out prominent metal records counting Blind Guardian's 'Imaginations from the Other Side', Ensiferum's 'Iron' amongst many more.

Rasmussen is currently working as the main producer and engineer at the 2018-established studio called Sweet Silence North, located in the outskirts of Copenhagen, DK.

'All the Metallica-albums I did was recorded on analog tape and the DAW was not invented at the time. Everything on these albums has been played - that's not always the case on most modern albums (…) There's all these things that maybe made it more live those days,' says Rasmussen and concludes:

'I think that production skills in general has increased a lot - I think albums today sound really, really good. In the old days it was more the people you worked with and the studios you worked in that defined whether or not you did a well-souding album or not. Today it's a lot easier. Everybody has a computer - basically everybody with a computer can record an album'.

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