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About Alex Skolnick

As an original member of Bay Area thrashers, Testament, whilst also leading the line for his own namesake jazz trio, Alex Skolnick can do it all.

Joining Bay Area metal band Testament at just age sixteen, and with such renowned contemporaries as Slayer and Megadeth, Alex was forced to grow up quickly.

Under the tutelage of Joe Satriani, who helped sow the seeds for so many budding young guitarists of that scene (Kirk Hammett, among them), Alex went on to enjoy considerable success with Testament and cement his place in heavy metal history.

Fast forward 30-something years and Alex is still considered a pioneer of the now classic 1980's thrash metal genre of which he had a hand in popularizing.

Not content with resting on his blackened, heavy metal laurels, Alex has since 1998 made a foray into the world of jazz. Seeking to expand his horizons, Alex moved to New York to devote himself to the craft, emerging in 2002 with his own jazz outfit, Alex Skolnick Trio. Since then, Alex's reputation as a jazz guitarist has gone from strength to strength, earning him a whole roster of new peers, as well as plaudits from some of the genres most well-respected journalists, not to mention an abundance of new fans and followers.

Not letting himself be entirely distracted by his new surroundings, Alex still busies himself with the harder styles of his earlier days, being a writer, producer and performer for hard-hitting super-group Metal Allegiance, which formed in 2014.

Seamlessly jumping from metal to jazz and back again, Alex's willingness to take on the mantle of musical chameleon has seen him earn as reputation as one of the most well-versed guitar players in the world. No matter which stage he graces, Alex's melodic, intense and precise playing style leaves audiences the world over amazed and wanting more.

Never looking backwards and ever striving to break new ground, Alex Skolnick as a musician is the epitome of versatility. Whether it be the heavy metal trappings of Testament or bebop interpretations of hard rock classics, Skolnick takes it all in his stride. A true virtuoso of the instrument.

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