Solutions Signature Presets by Tony Maserati

Grammy Award winning mixer Tony Maserati probably doesn't need much of an introduction.

By way of his ever smooth and clear-cut mixes, he has become the go to mixer for the world's pop royalty, including vocalists such as Beyoncé, James Brown, Alicia Keys and Ariana Grande.

Accolades aside, his exceptional tonal intelligence has earned him enormous respect among his peers, and is considered a sure-shot in delivering tight mixes with power and musicality.

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"Add this mono sound to any existing reverb to gain depth and character."

Big Shimmer

"Everybody likes a shimmer these days. You can use it anywhere - vocals, background vocals, snares or synths."

Intimate Studio

"Small spaces are impossible to remove from a recording - the walls are too close! Here's both a solution and an accent for times when your walls are closing in, or you want to act like they are."

Modulate Wisely

"Sometimes you have to go outside the lines. I do it widely."

Pool Area

"I love the sound of voices around a pool in the center of a hotel courtyard at night."

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