Serpentine Fire Signature Presets by Kenny Moran

Kenny Moran is a two-time Grammy Awards-nominated mix and recording engineer with a massive list of production credits to his name, including work with Earth, Wind & Fire, Lauryn Hill, Sting and GoonRock - The Great Gatsby Soundtrack.

Known for his extreme attention to detail (and absolutely contagious smile), Kenny is routinely called upon not only for mixing work, but also composition, arranging, remixing and sound design, and has in recent years established himself as a master of programming drums and synths.

Channelling all the power, groove and style of classic funk and modern RnB, these presets perfectly balance the dry signal, the wet reverb and the early reflections. Cause that’s what matters: balance!

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Instrument Spaces

Mono Mic

Ping Delay

Vocal Echo

Vocal Shimmer

Vocal Thickness

Other Signature Presets by Kenny Moran