Reverb Becomes Electric Signature Presets by Soren Andersen

Known for his subtle and precise mixes, Søren Andersen is a Danish guitarist, producer and co-owner of Copenhagen's Medley Studios.

His list of collaborators is as long as your arm, and includes artists such as Glenn Hughes, Mike Tramp, Tygers of Pan Tang, Marco Mendoza and Jesper Binzer.

When not residing behind the console of Medley's Studio 2, Søren can be found rocking out on the road alongside fellow ax-slinger Mika Vandborg and their Electric Guitars outfit.

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Warm Plate

"A warm reverb for vocals, this is usually my starting point when mixing vocals. The combination of a 99 ms pre-delay and some hi-cut tinkering makes it easy to blend any lead vocal with even the busiest track."

Short Guitars

"One of the classic pitfalls when putting reverb on acoustic guitars, is loosing the instrument's inherent clarity. This bright and short reverb will work as a mix enhancer, that gives the guitar a space to breathe in while maintaining the depth of your recording."


"There's something extremely poignant and emotional about piano parts, that I just love bringing into play in a song. The reverb on piano themes, to my taste, need to be big and bright and shimmering to really underscore the melodic content. And this one is exactly that!"

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