Full Potential Signature Presets by Mark Christensen

Mark Christensen, owner and head engineer at Engine Room, has spent the last thirty years staring at knobs and meters.

Flanked by his team, he has awesomefied thousands of songs, piled up Gold and Platinum records like nobody's business and received multiple Grammys along the way.

A long time friend of TC, Mark's been using the System 6000 version of the VSS3 in his mixes for more than a decade.

If anyone knows how to push the core sound and character of the algorithm to its full potential - it's this guy!

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Bright Shoe Gaze

"I use this on snares when I need a really obvious, bright snare verb. There's pretty much no Pre Delay, and a lot of high end. If you need to create space for the snare drum in a big mass of guitars - try this!"

Blues Guitar Intro

"This preset I made for a very sparse blues guitar intro section. It creates a sense of space with the lopsided return of the room reflections. Helps define the sound stage for more open sections of a song."

Mono Ambient

"This is a verb preset that I've used as as Master Reverb for a rhythms section. It's pretty dark, and the reverb is returning in mono - even though I use it on a stereo buss. It helps when you need some "parallax" type imaging within the rhythm section to give it identity in the sound stange, but you don't want to actually hear too much reverb."

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