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About Divinity Roxx

Divinity Roxx is the bass player and Musical Director in Beyoncé's band Suga Mama, an all female group created specifically to accompany Beyoncé. As a solo musician, Roxx is currently working on The Roxx Boxx Experience, her second album due to come out this year.

Before becoming the voracious bass player she is today, Divinity says that it took her a while to discover her musical destiny, stating, 'after the clarinet, the chorus and the handbell ensemble in elementary school I found my pulpit rapping and free-styling at the lunch table in high school.'

Then, after discovering the joys of performance through rap, Divinity added another string to her bow in the form of the bass. 'In college I picked up the bass, fell in love with the bass, dropped out of college (like Kanye, but I'm going back someday) and went on tour with the best bass player in the world (bow to Victor Wooten),' she recalls. 'I then went on tour with the biggest star in the world (curtsy to Beyoncé). Now I have a million little stories to tell and music is the only way I know how to tell them. You wanna' hear it, here it go!'

Following The Beyoncé Experience tour, Suga Mama became a permanent part of Beyoncé's team and also toured with her on the "I Am...Sasha Fierce" and "I am ... yours" tours in 2009 and 2010 respectively. On all ocassions, she continued her role as bass player and musical director.

Besides her high-flying career as a supporting artist for the big guns, Divinity also released her solo debut album 'Ain't No Other Way' in 2003. Her next album 'The Roxx Boxx Experience' is in the pipelines to hit the stores in 2012, with the single 'Bite My Style' already having been released.

Divinity Roxx worked with TC Electronic to create her very own custom-made TonePrints, the 'Pretty Gritty' Flanger and 'Get Your Fix' Delay. The former is designed to work as an intro, being more aggressive and gritty at the bottom while keeping a pretty little flicker on top. The latter is a bright and rhythmic delay specifically crafted to fit the mold for one of Roxx's songs, "Get Your Fix". To read more about Divinity Roxx's TonePrints, check out our TonePrint pages.

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