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What's new in 2.0

This free software update is highly music oriented and adds a string of request from the user community, including:

  • - Super precise vector scope
  • - Support for 96 kHz digital stereo input
  • - Innovative stereo mid/side Balance-O-Meter
  • - Lightning fast offline plug-in mode
  • - Massive increase to the number of PPM meter scales
  • - Color scheme tweaks to improve readability - especially in low-light scenarios
  • - Highly improved flexibility to display layout
  • - A wealth of new application specific presets
  • - General improvements to usability

Get it here

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New vector scope

By tracing the left and right audio waveforms into a cloud-like shape, the high precision vector scope coming to Clarity M will help you identify important stereo balance and phase issues in your mix.

The vector scope will automatically scale to the input levels, and you can of course customize the scope color any way you like.

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Introducing the Balance-O-Meter

The Balance-O-Meter is an innovative new meter type that allows you to quickly check the Left-Right and Mid-Side balances of your mix.

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Quite wide, center-balanced signal

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Left-balanced singnal with average width

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Center-balanced mono (no width) signal

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Offline Plug-in Mode

Get instant overview of your song by measuring it faster-than-realtime from within your VST, AU or AAX compatible DAW.

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New PPM meter scales

Highly configurable, full height PPM meter for all sorts of broadcast and music production purposes.

The new scales in Clarity M 2.0 cover a multitude of integration and return times, different Permitted Maximum and Alignment Levels as well as various methods for handling transients in the signal.

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New layout features

You can now tailor your display layout for optimal, personal view.