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About Steve Vai

In guitar, the order of technical prowess is: amateur - pro - virtuoso - guitar genius - Steve Vai. When it comes to technical skills, few have been able to come close him for the last 20 years.

His unique voice, characterized by an esoteric, mystical approach to guitar and sounds has delivered some of the most stunning performances guitar has ever seen.

Equal parts technical prowess and amazing feel, Steve Vai has singlehandedly transformed guitar from a classic instrument to a modern weapon of mass awesomeness.

Steve is a guitarist incarnate - he worked with Frank Zappa, took lessons from Joe Satriani and attended Berklee College. Music is in his blood, and his creativity and outlandish tones match is fiery fretboard work. This also made a connection with music fans everywhere and Steve has sold over 15 million records.

In 1989, Vai joined Whitesnake, replacing Vivian Campbell. When Adrian Vandenberg injured his wrist shortly before recording was to begin for the album Slip of the Tongue, Vai played all the guitar parts. Vai played on the Alice Cooper album Hey Stoopid, along with Joe Satriani on the song "Feed my Frankenstein."

Steve's unique and utterly stellar guitar playing has made him one of the most widely reckognized and revered guitarists in music, and his tunes have appeared everywhere from videogames to movies.

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