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About Pete Thorn

As a studio guitarist for producer Linda Perry, Peter Thorn has played on albums by Courtney Love, Alicia Keys, Daniel Powter, Ben Jelen, and others.

And with G-System as an integral part of Peter's touring setup - it has delivered rock solid performance at 150+ worldwide live concerts with Chris Cornell (Soundgarden, Audioslave) - chances are that you've already heard Peter's

G-System live in action or on your favorite album.

Between this impressive number of concerts and extensive sessions in Linda Perry's incredible Toluca Lake studio, Kung Fu Gardens, Peter has really gotten into the ins and outs of his G-System. He fell so hopelessly in love with the integrated effects management system that one unit just wasn't enough; he's granted himself the luxury of one for his touring setup, one for studio work and a back-up unit just in case.

It's not a feature - it's the future

Today's DSP technology allows us to pack the renowned TC processing power and sound quality into just one convenient floor-based unit - a performance level that previously took a whole bunch of dedicated rack units to achieve. An increasing number of touring musicians have turned their backs on traditional rack setups and gone for the portable convenience of G-System - artists you'd expect to have enough road crew, stage hands, guitar techs etc. to handle whatever heavy equipment they may carry along on tour. So there's more to it than portability.

Peter Thorn nails it: 'I am not a "dance on pedals" kind of guy. Since the mid-1990s I've been using loop switchers to control my pedals, while incorporating rack effects units for their MIDI- switching abilities and quality of reverb, delay, and modulation sounds. I want, and have grown accustomed to, the ability to hit one button on the floor and have EVERYTHING change, my amps, effects, everything. My G-System rigs give me that kind of programmability, great sound and versatility in a pedalboard format- it's a one of a kind product!' Commenting on the easy setup he continues, 'I feel really confident that I can do any gig and session now with just my G-System, whereas before I needed at least my 6-space rack and former pedalboard to make things happen. The

G-System has worked flawlessly for over 150 Chris Cornell shows, so I have no worries about reliability. I know it's dependable night after night in front of thousands of people. The sounds are going to be there, it's going to translate to the crowd, and it's built like a tank so I don't need to worry about it breaking down on me!'

There are probably quite a few stage hands out there welcoming this trend.

In the studio, time is money

G-System has also proven really effective for Peter's studio work. Besides having great ears for spotting the right sound, the perfect take, creative rearrangements etc. every studio owner's concern is something as pragmatic as time. When you hire in session musicians for a project the last thing you want is to waste everybody's time. The faster/easier studio musicians achieve the sounds the recording artist and executive producer are after, the better. Also in this respect, Peter has experienced just how easy G-System gets the job done. 'I often need to get great sounds quickly. I once A/B'ed running through the G-System rig and just running straight into the amp in the live room through 40 feet of cable. The difference was spelled out and everybody got it right away - it sounded absolutely natural and there was no loss of signal when I used my

G-System rig on a totally dry preset, because it's all buffered, and I could of course then add effects to taste (I love the Vintage Phaser which I've been able to closely simulate the sound of my vintage mxr phase 90 with) and switch between different amps on the fly, etc. It allows us to track so much faster and with great sounds, all presetable and instantly recallable of course! '

Environmental bonus

And hey, it's a good feeling to play overseas shows like Earth Day knowing that I no longer bring a huge rack of effects on the plane - sort of my humble contribution to lowering co₂ emissions" Peter Thorn adds. Of course all of G-System's manufacturing procedures are RoHS compliant, meaning that not only has TC implemented lead-free soldering, but components provided by suppliers also meet the requirements specified in the RoHS Directive on restriction of hazardous substances. So rest assured that on top of taking your talent to a level you never thought possible, G-System will up your environmental-friendliness.

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