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About Kirk Fletcher

Kirk Fletcher is what you might call 'The Real Deal'. A younger blues guitarist that can hang with the greatest blues guitarists in history. In fact he has played with several legendary blues guitarists and is fast on his way to becoming one himself.

Kirk Fletcher started playing the guitar when he was 8, inspired by his older brother Walter, who he still lists as his single biggest inspiration. For years, until Kirk was in his early twenties, they played several times a week in their fathers church. In high school he played with a lot of gospel and R&B groups. But underneath it all blues was always his true love.

That love, and Kirk's unquestioned talent and work ethic has led him to be hailed by some as the world's best current blues guitarist. Besides being a sought-after sideman guitarist, Fletcher spent many years as part of several bands, perhaps most notably the legendary blues rock band The Fabulous Thunderbirds between 2005-2008.

Since leaving the Thunderbirds he has released a very well received solo album with his own band. The album, My Turn, marks a couple of interesting changes for Fletcher. He started writing a lot of the songs, as well as singing them himself. He never really sang before, so he thought he should get a singer. He had a hard time finding a singer he liked but was reluctant to take on that role himself.

'A lot of my friends were saying, Man, just try it. Just sing one song. And so I just tried it. Now I've really started to enjoy learning to sing. It's almost becoming my main thing.'

For fans of Fletchers guitar playing that might sound a little scary, but he assures us, that he's still learning something new every time he picks up the guitar. He continues to pick it up every day, so the best from Kirk Fletcher should still be ahead of us.

Fletcher doesn't use many effects in his setup, preferring the sound of a good clean amp cranked up to high volume, most of the time. Liking a good clean, bright tone, with just enough gain to make the note speak, as he says. However, he does profess his love for an awesome reverb, like the Hall of Fame Reverb from TC.

'Reverb is probably my biggest crutch, because it just feels good to have reverb. I guess I'm kind of a reverb junkie'

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