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About Doug Aldrich

Doug Aldrich is one of the world's true rock stars. Equally adept at playing soaring, heartfelt leads and rocking rhythms, Doug's versatility and tasty tones make him a force to be reckoned with.

Doug is a Los Angeles-based hard rock guitarist, who's currently filling the lead guitar slot in the legendary rock band Whitesnake, which he joined in 2003. He also played with legendary heavy metal vocalist Ronnie James Dio and bands such as Lion, Hurricane, House of Lords and Bad Moon Rising. Years ago, Doug was also teaching guitar, and he was very much in demand; at one point, he was teaching a whopping 70 students a week.

Doug's passion for the six-stringed instrument was forged way back, during his childhood, when he was brought to a Jeff Beck concert by his older sister Jennifer. A year later, at age twelve, after practicing savagely on his younger sister's classical guitar, Doug received his first ever electric guitar - a Sears copy of a Les Paul guitar.

Ever since the publication of the Lion record 'Power Love' in 1986, Doug Aldrich has produced a vast amount of recordings, and has featured in an immense set of collaborations with an ever-flourishing palette of world-known artists. This dedicated and highly productive axe wielding gentleman even had time to release three solo albums; 'Highcentered' released in 1994, 'Electrovision' released in 1997 and 'Alter Ego' released in 2001.

Doug is using a wide range of guitar models. These range from various classic Les Pauls to Fender Stratocasters and different superstrat models from Jackson Guitars. To power up this thundering arsenal of instruments, Doug is running with a Suhr/Cameron hot-rodded Marshall JMPs and Vintage Modern amps. In his personal closet of roaring effect pedals, we find both the Shaker vibrato that gives a killer vibrating feel and the Flashback Delay that delivers just the right amount of feedback.

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Doug Aldrich creates a TonePrint for TC Electronic's Flashback Delay & Looper