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About Darren Moore

Darren Moore is the Chief Engineer at Manhattan Center Studios in New York, the home of two of the world's most unique, elegant and prestigious event rooms, The Hammerstein and The Grand Ballroom.

Darren got into the music business by playing in bands and at cultural centers from a young age, and by the time he was in college, he was part of a band that was making traction in the New York black rock scene.

But what he really wanted was to make records, so he started making demos with friends in someone's bedroom with a four-track recorder. The band broke up, but at that time, he already had one foot in the studio door. He attended a high school that was based on interning for credits, and from there he made his way into making jingles, music for film and TV, and records with major artists.

After high school, he started working as an assistant at a midtown Manhattan studio. The place had a 2 inch tape large format console and the first version of Pro Tools. There, he got to work with many talented people and taught himself all about Pro Tools and how to work it. Then he moved on to The Hit Factory NY and was later taken on as the Chief of Operations at Platinum Sound NYC. He is currently the Chief Engineer at Manhattan Center Studios NYC.

Darren is a long time user of TC Electronic gear. We caught up with him to talk about his TC Electronic products:

"There was always a 2290 in any studio in New York that you would want to work in and it was always the best dynamic digital delay in the room - I learned how to get really great flangers and effects from it. Plus, the sampler was a really great studio tool before samplers became available everywhere".

Darren's arsenal includes the PolyTune, the 2290 and the 1210 Spatial Expander: 'The tuner is always in line for guitar and bass recording and it's the best in this autotune world, where people's ears are so sensitive to tuning. The 2290 is still the best DDL's in any rack and I use the spatial expander to enhance tracks and give them a special sound depth and fullness. I use the DDL's on lead vocals to give them a clean trail. I love the spatial expander on guitar packages coming out of Pro Tools, or even on background vocals as an effect'.

When asked if he had any secret tricks when recording, Darren replied, "Just the spatial expander on vocals. I kind of love flangers in background vocals - but the 1210 is so much more than just a flanger".

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