Melvin Lee Davis 的 Clean Flange TonePrint

Melvin wanted to stray a bit of what he usually uses and experiment with this pedal. It immediately inspired him, but the one sound that jumped out to him was a tape flange. He wanted the bass notes to carry with a strong pronounced clarity, so this flange is nice and slow but still swells to fill the room, resulting in calm, yet powerful vibes.

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Melvin Lee Davis - Vortex Flanger TonePrint

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TC’s Morten Ehlers meets up with Melvin Lee davis at Medley Studios in Copenhagen. Melvin is in high spirits, straight out of a sold-out concert in Vienna the night before. His sparkly, positive personality shines through in spades as he greets Morten: “Hey man, welcome, let’s sit down and jam! I’ve been hearing so much great stuff about this Toneprint phenomena and I wanna be part of it!”. The best thing we can say is that Melvin went on to use the TonePrints he created at the session at that night’s Copenhagen concert.

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