KenKen 的 Flanger #2 TonePrint

KenKen made this tone print with his bass tone being rolled off on the high frequency. He had also added a tiny bit of delay on top of this tone print. Kenken’s Vortex Flanger was connected in the Effect loop, using killdry function.

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KenKen is excited when we meet him: "I love working on tones, let's get going!". KenKen's Blacksmith setup is fired up and all TonePrint pedals are lined up, much to the delight of KenKen. "I really dig TonePrints, it's easy and fun making sounds - let's see if I can crank some good ones out today!" What followed is one of the most productive TonePrint sessions ever, with a total amount of 11(!) new TonePrints.

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