Andrew Levy 的 The Staircase Flange TonePrint

Andrew likes using flangers to break away from a bass as a support instrument and he went for a slow swirl that was not too deep but made things shine a little bit. He opted for a nice balance between speed and depth, where the depth is dialed back enough to not make things pitchy without losing an ‘in-your-face’ presence. He added a tiny bit of feedback to prevent his sound from drowning in a band situation. The ‘winding’ sound reminded Andrew of a staircase, hence the cool name.

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Andrew Levy creates a Vortex TonePrint

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TC’s Tore Mogensen met Andrew at the Joint rehearsal studios, right at one of London’s most iconic spots: Kings Cross. Andrew was easygoing and in full control of what he wanted: “ I love TC stuff and I love using effects for bass. I think they are such a nice way to either support what is going on in the music or as a tool to let bass take the spotlight. When it does, you want things to sound absolutely great and thats what these little TonePrint pedals do.”

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