Nick Beggs 的 Cruise Wibble TonePrint

This vibrato TonePrint will give your bass playing a nice wobbling effect. Nick Beggs himself says it reminds him of the motion of the sea. The TonePrint was created to go well together with the Chapman Stick. If you play a Stick, a Warr or similar, adding this TonePrint to your setup will help bring together the two sides of the instrument. If you play a regular bass… Well, it still sounds pretty darn good.


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Nick Beggs demos his "Cruise Wibble" TonePrint for the Shaker Vibrato pedal

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We met with Nick Beggs in late 2013 when he was playing a gig with Steven Wilson at Train in Aarhus. Prior to the concert he created a total of five TonePrints – All with genius parametric settings and very strange names.

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