Juan Alderete 的 Vato Vibrato TonePrint

Juan's Vato Vibrato TonePrint for the Shaker Vibrato pedal is in reality a nifty 3-in-1 timesaving solution, which can be tuned in using just the dials on the pedal. The three tones that were created ranged from an operatic human voice to a more rhythmic and harmonic tone and to the extreme experimental sound, all of which allow for a greater flexibility in style.


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Juan Alderete makes his "Vato Vibrato" TonePrint for Shaker Vibrato

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TC: Besides being an amazing bass player, you’re also a bit of a pedal aficionado aren’t you? Juan: Probably. I do own a lot of them and I could spend weeks and months doing sounds and tailoring them to songs and ideas. It opened up the excitement of my instrument for me.

TC: When did you start using pedals and effects? Juan: I would say in the early 90s I started experimenting with distortions and fuzzes and then I went into micro-synths, which made my fretless sound more like a moog synth. Then I started adding tremolo pedals, vibrato pedals, flangers and many more.

TC: Tell us what you would use these sounds for that you have just created? Juan: I definitely would use them for my fretless. I am sure Omar would hear this and throw it on a Mars Volta record. I would use it on a Vato Negro record without a doubt and I would use it on a Big Sir record because it sounds like a human voice.

I think that it is endless. I would like to hear what it sounds like putting it with keyboards. I bet it would sound great.

TC: How would you describe the TonePrints you have created? Juan: The first, the ‘human voice’ I think sounds like a female opera voice. The second one sounds like a rhythmic song idea. It sounds as though you have got two bass players following you and you’re playing in harmony. Almost because there is a guy playing the low note and a guy playing the high note and you are all three playing together. The third is chaos stuff. I would run it with other effects and I would make it sound completely different. It would be a tone generator for an infinite amount of sounds.

TC: You mentioned that playing the fretless really opens up a lot of sounds. Can you tell us more about this? Juan: Yea it does. I’ll plug in a fretted bass and think “limited”, however plug in the fretless and it’ll just be unlimited. It is so much more musical with pedals. I would definitely recommend fretless with any of this, especially the Shaker Vibrato. To me you can really make it sound like you’re singing as opposed to playing bass.

Recommended settings: Setting 1: Everything at 12 o’clock and the depth all the way down. Setting 2: Everything at 12 o’clock including the depth Setting 3: The ‘Tone’ pod was remapped to Feedback, so if you crank it up it would get even crazier and then the ‘Speed’ pod was remapped so that it goes much faster than it normally goes if cranked up.

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