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TC Electronic PolyTune for iPhone

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将最强大的工具放进口袋!调弦是吉他手的重中之重。 如果你认同调音的价值,那么在众多App Store应用中你绝对不能缺少这款应用。还在等什么?


  • PolyTune 技术--复音调弦
  • 吉他/贝斯 模式切换
  • 降D调弦
  • 现支持Retina屏幕
  • 针对辨色障碍的特殊模式


有了PolyTune, 轻扫你的吉他或贝斯, 瞬间确定哪根弦需要调音!扫弦--调音--摇滚,这种革命性的创新让调弦前所未有的轻松自如,从而集中于最重要的东西:演奏!


降D调弦及细微频率选择给你的调音带来更多自由度,PolyTune App全力支持你。







PolyTune:扫弦 – 调弦 – 开始摇滚!





PolyTune 2可以保存你的偏好设置。从参考音高到校音模式,即使在断电后它还能保留这些信息,这就确保了你只需按自己的需求设定一次就够了。


校音磁铁功能可以在你接近目标音高的时候减慢指针的速度,为你带来快速、简单的校音体验 – 任何时候,每一次。

PolyTune iPhone App功能一览

  • PolyTune® - 同时为所有的弦校音

  • 新的半音频闪校音器 - 0.1音分的校音精确度


  • 多达5个半音调弦
  • Drop-D和变调夹校音模式


How to build your own PolyTune

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Guitar World
由 Chris Gill

The PolyTune is an essential lifesaver for time-pressed gigging guitarists and perfectionist studio players. It shaves precious seconds off the tuning process while it provides dead-accurate tuning.

阅读完整的评测文章 Guitar World (PDF)
Guitar Player
由 Michael Molenda

The PolyTune is innovative, fast, accurate, and versatile, and as it’s the only polyphonic tuner you’re going to get for $99, how could it not snag an Editors’ Pick Award?

阅读完整的评测文章 Guitar Player (PDF)
Premier Guitar
由 Jordan Wagner

My tuner has always been the one thing I’ve hardly ever thought about changing. Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure I’ve traded it out only two or three times—which is nothing compared to the countless delays and overdrives I’ve gone through over the years. Does the PolyTune qualify to be a rare entry in that list of tuners? Most definitely.

阅读完整的评测文章 Premier Guitar
由 Mick Taylor

Were it a straight automatic chromatic tuner it would be good, but by adding the polyphonic mode for an instant view of all six strings, it becomes an undoubted winner at a very reasonable price. Highly recommended. Verdict: A significant stomp forward, destined for pedalboards everywhere!

阅读完整的评测文章 Guitarist
Sound On Sound
由 Paul White

I have to conclude that this sturdily built little tuner does pretty much what it claims to, with no fuss and with a nice clear display. Its compact format makes it easy to fit into a pedalboard, and its true bypass means that it won’t compromise your tone.

阅读完整的评测文章 Sound On Sound
Total Guitar
由 Stuart Williams

The TC Electronic Polytune is an exciting new pedal that is set to revolutionize the way guitarists tune their instruments.

由 Red Led

TC Electronic incredibly managed to launch a totally new product in the tuner pedal market, which is quite a feat. The manufacturing quality is impeccable and the product is packed with clever ideas like the auto adjustment of LED intensity, the power output and the dual needle/caterpillar display in monophonic mode. One thing is for sure: all competitors suddenly look a lot older and the PolyTune offers much more for the same price.

阅读完整的评测文章 Audiofanzine
Guitar Noize
由 Jon Bloomer

TC Electronic say “We can’t make tuning fun. But we can sure make it a whole lot easier.”, I disagree, tuning just got fun!

阅读完整的评测文章 Guitar Noize
由 Owen O'Malley

The ability to check all strings simultaneously is nothing short of revolutionary. With the groundbreaking, time-saving, and (dare I say) performance enhancing convenience of polyphonic tuning thrown in the mix, there's simply no competition.

阅读完整的评测文章 GearWire
由 Chris Liepe

I felt so cool when I would hit the tuner, unplug one guitar, plug in the next guitar, give it one strum while muted, make a few adjustments and move on to the next song. There were much fewer awkward pauses between each song where you feel like you have to stall while your dumb guitar gets tuned.

阅读完整的评测文章 JamPlay
由 Scott Kahn

The polytune is a transparent addition to your pedalboard. The true bypass circuitry works as expected, and our signal sounded the same bypassing the tuner as it did with a cable straight into the front of our amp.

阅读完整的评测文章 Musicplayers.com
Share My Guitar
由 Dan Copland

The auto switching feature is great so you can decide for yourself. If you’re a cutting edge Poly Tuner – go for it! If you’re old school, go string by string – doesn’t matter. The PolyTune will get you there quickly and reliably one way or another.

阅读完整的评测文章 Share My Guitar


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