Knox Chandler 的 Toxic Verb Twister TonePrint

This TonePrint is all about twisting the signal source by exercising the tone and decay knobs. Knox likes to use his TonePrints and tweaking the parameters live! This way, "...I get pulsating speeds of tones, actually pitch waves" he then 'catches' those pieces in the reverb time. Often he sends the tweaked TonePrint to his "Flashback Delay" TonePrint, which he uses in conjunction with this pedal.


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Knox Chandler Creating TonePrints for the TC Electronic Reverb and Delay pedals

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TC: How did you the creation of your TonePrints? Knox: On the reverb unit I was using a lot of modulation, so I was able to use it almost as a pulsating sine wave or tone at times and be able to change the speed of it. Ideally it would be nice with some of these things in an analog sense where you can actually change pitch with them but for the time being this has been working out pretty well. These TonePrints are all about creating loopish manipulative textures, which I use in many different live/recording situations. The pedal knobs become the instrument.

TC: Did a specific song or album inspire this specific TonePrint? Knox: I would say no. My TonePrints were probably more inspired by my experimental side. I’ve recently been doing more experimental landscapey music to videos that I’ve made, also experimental videos. I do a lot of these shows where I play my videos and do live music to the videos, usually guitar. Quite often it’s guitar through an iPad, through a bunch of effects, repeater, Memory Man etc. I could get a lot of use out of these boxes with these TonePrints that I wrote to do these shows as well as some of the more experimental shows I do around town. Of course I think that it would be great to go back and write some other TonePrints for more accessible situations that I get involved in which is quite often too.

TC: How do these TonePrints fit into your current sound and gear setup? Knox: I have a show coming up this weekend in Central Park summer stage. I could easily see using some of these sounds for that show as well as in the studio. I’ve been doing a lot of writing tracks for other different artists. I could easily use it for this one overdub I have to do for one west coast artist.

TC: What type of sounds did you set out to achieve with your TonePrints and did you succeed? Knox: I set out to achieve some hellacious sounds and I certainly succeeded. I really set put to have something that could be not only very beautiful, simple, single string where you could actually play a melody and it would be chimey and what not, to long loopy ambient type sounds to cacophonies, chaos. I think we were very successful with all of this stuff. And I think that’s it!

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