Guthrie Govan 的 Louisville TonePrint

This is the TonePrint Guthrie Govan uses when playing “Louisville Stomp” live with The Aristocrats. It is based on the Spring Reverb template and has a fairly long decay setting. As a final touch, a lot of the lower-middle frequencies are scooped out. The remaining top-end reverb creates the illusion of an old spring reverb in action.


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Guthrie Govan demoes his "Louisville" Reverb TonePrint

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TonePrints are all about sharing. But then again, TonePrints are all about finding your own personal tone as well. Whenever we sit down with artists to collaborate on making their signature TonePrints they will typically go in one of two directions - either a versatile effect that can be used in many contexts, or a very specific setting that blends in perfectly with their own specific equipment.

Last time Guthrie Govan created a TonePrint, he made a wonderfully versatile effect for the Corona Chorus. This time he wanted to get a tailor-made TonePrint for his Aristocrats-setup. As he said when we met up with him before a Steven Wilson-gig: “This TonePrint is for me!”

When playing with “The Aristocrats” Guthrie mainly uses his Suhr ‘Badger’ stack. He created this TonePrint to work perfectly with that specific setup.

“I wanted something that had that good old-school reverb spring-kind-of-thing going on, but I didn’t want it to get too mushed up”, he says. “I didn’t want it to cloud the dry notes the guitar was feeding into the amp.”

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