Omar Rodríguez-López 的 David, The Dogs! TonePrint

Omar is obviously an expert on effects, since they are such an integral part of his art, so he knew exactly what he wanted. Omar opted for lots of filtering on the repeats and added a bit of flange to add some swirl. Though this effect is pronounced and heavy, it is still a ‘pretty’ sound and the grit it produces never overshadows notes.

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Omar Rodríguez-López TonePrint: David, the Dogs!

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On September 17th 2012, Omar Rodríguez-López visited Århus to play a concert and of course he had to visit TC. We find him in an excited mood: “You know, touring is lots of waiting, so anything to get out of the monotony of the day is great!”, he laughs. “But honestly, I’ve been looking forward to this for a while, ever since i was approached, the concept of building a sound from the ground up intrigued me, so let’s get going!”

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