Jacob "Cobber" Binzer 的 Soft Delay TonePrint

Are you dreaming of getting Jacob Binzer’s Sleeping-my-day-away-delay? Well, rise and shine, because here it is - the TonePrint of your dreams! Jacob Binzer created a versatile delay that can be used for both clean and distorted passages - a soft slap-back delay with just the right amount of high- and low-cut.

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Jacob "Cobber" Binzer (D-A-D) demoes his "Soft Delay" TonePrint for the Flashback Delay

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We met up with Jacob Binzer at 4Sound Music Store in Copenhagen to collaborate on making his signature TonePrint. Right from the start he knew what sound he was going for. Jacob Binzer is a traditionalist when it comes to his signal chain. The fact that an old Tube Screamer has resided on his pedal board for more than 30 years pretty much sums it up. This signature Delay-TonePrint is created in the same spirit; 100% reliability, 0% messing around.

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Flashback Delay