Eric Smith 的 English Tickler TonePrint

For his Vortex flanger TonePrint, named the English Tickler, Eric opted for a sound that 'tickles' you and inspires in ways that you haven't really thought about sound before. A really cool and bubbly sound, this effect 'cuts' at the start of notes and comes out of the flange sweep towards the top of your sound, which gives a really nice blooming effect, it's as if notes expand and come to life as opposed to fading out slowly.

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Eric Smith - Vortex Flanger TonePrint (The English Tickler)

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We met up with Eric Smith in London based Snap Studios for a TonePrint session. Eric was waiting to do a Rihanna show and decided to spend his day of making his very own TonePrints because, to put it in his words, 'TC pedals sound dope'. He loved the sounds he got right outta the box, but he was excited to build things from the ground up and really put his signature stamp on it so now, if you love the bass sounds of the artists he plays with (basically everyone from Rihanna to P. Diddy).

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