UpCon Awarded ‘Best of Show’ at IBC 2013

UpCon environment

We debuted UpCon, our state-of-the-art hi-res audio upconverter, at IBC 2013 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It was very well received by all visitors at out booth and won a 'Best of Show' award selected by TVB Europe.

UpCon is a state-of-the-art upconverter that makes sure broadcast transmissions are always optimized for 5.1 HD TV. It is an uncompromising upconversion and downmix processor in a single, high-density rack unit that continuously monitors the channel format of the incoming audio. If the signal falls back from true 5.1 to stereo, UpCon seamlessly cross-fades into a convincing 5.1 surround upconversion without adding any interruptions or artifacts.

"I'm thrilled that UpCon was picked as one of the most exciting new products at IBC," says Thomas Valter, VP of Business Management, Broadcast & Production at TC Electronic. "Our upconversion technology that turns a stereo signal into surround has been embraced by Hollywood film studios for more than a decade, and making that feature available in a dedicated realtime processor for broadcasters is a big step towards a better sound experience for TV viewers across the globe."