Tones From The Street

The TC Street Team is made up of some of the grooviest bass players to currently walk the earth. So of course we asked them to distill some of their sonic knowledge for you to apply to your own playing. So here's a cool package of octaver, modulation and delay tones perfect for the no treble zone.

On top of that we're giving away the ravishing redhead, our BH800 Bass Amp to one lucky winner. Sign up via the form below to be in the draw.

Contest has ended - the winner is Trey Bryant

The TonePrints

Sean Michael Ray “Flanger on fleek” TonePrint

Derrick Hodge's "Da Grit" TonePrint for Sub'n'Up Octaver

Derrick Hodge Flashback Delay The Source

Derrick Hodge Toneprint Flashback Delay "Moogoo"

Ethan Farmer sharing his “E Funk Sexy” TonePrint for the Vortex Flanger

Ethan Farmer and his "E Funk Sexy Phase" TonePrint for the Helix Phaser

Tres Gilbert Octave TonePrint

Timothy Bailey Jr. "Psychodelic Tim" for Viscous Vibe

Timothy Bailey Jr. "30 Year Funk" for Helix Phaser

Timothy Bailey - "The Weapon" TonePrint for Spectracomp Bass Compressor