Revered Reverberation

Since the first caveman shouted into a canyon and discovered the awesomeness of reverb, the king of effects has demanded its place in music. Make that center stage. And, from drums to vocals, reverb has played a valuable part in shaping music.

But did you know many of those reverbs were in fact TC reverbs? Yep, we pride ourselves in having helped develop reverbs to be the best they can be for music, film and broadcast and today we're the industry standard.

Also, or especially, for guitar. From vintage springs to large halls to tight plates and immense cathedrals - we help you fatten up your sound, add breathtaking ambience to your tone and basically everything in between.

Best of all, the best artists with the most iconic reverb sounds work with us. So, when we got them to create their custom sound for Hall Of Fame Reverb and Hall Of Fame Mini, we immediately jumped at the chance to capture these great sounds and share them with you - let's dive straight in!

The TonePrints

Sound Examples

Steve Vai - TonePrint for Hall Of Fame Reverb: "Ocean Machine"

Guthrie Govan demoes his "Louisville" Reverb TonePrint

Paul Gilbert Creates a TonePrint for the Hall of Fame Reverb Guitar Pedal

Steven Wilson demoes his "Lonely Spring" Reverb TonePrint