Phasetastic Giveaway

We're currently riding the biggest phaser high, and in order to get you guys on the same wave length we've collected all the glorious Helix Phaser tones we have, so you can drift away on the swirly sea together with us. On top of that, five of you can walk away with your very own Helix Phaser. Just sign up below and you're in the running!


Contest has ended - the winners are:
Nikolaj Dalianis
Michael Smiley
Charlie Karlsson
Victor Crestani
Jonathan Farias

The TonePrints

Triple Helix TonePrint for Helix Phaser

Phazerland TonePrint for Helix Phaser

Guthrie Govan demos his TonePrint for Helix Phaser

Doug Aldrich demos his "Mellow Gold" Helix Phaser TonePrint

Doug Aldrich playing blues picking style, using Helix Phaser

John Petrucci (Dreamtheater) creates his "Lunar Eclipse" TonePrint for Helix Phaser

Pete Thorn (Chris Cornell) uses his "Lumpy's Revenge" TonePrint for Helix Phaser

Nathan East creates his "Romantic Phase" TonePrint for Helix Phaser

Devin Townsend creates his "Not Van Halen" TonePrint for Helix Phaser

Scott Ian demos his "Scott Ian's Phaser" TonePrint for the Helix Phaser

Søren Andersen (Electric Guitars) uses his “Spread Phaser” TonePrint for the Helix Phaser

Jason Hook demonstrating his "Pulled Pork" Helix Phaser TonePrint

Mika Vandborg (Electric Guitars) uses his “The Electric Sparrow” TonePrint for the Helix Phaser

Ethan Farmer and his "E Funk Sexy Phase" TonePrint for the Helix Phaser

Paul Gilbert TonePrint for Helix Phaser

Introducing Helix Phaser and Viscous Vibe

The Products