Metal Up Your App!

Throw up the horns for this package of some of the coolest sounds in metal today, which also gives you access to the legendary 'Among The Living' clean tone as dialed in and used live by Scott Ian on his own Corona Chorus.

Scott originally created the iconic intro using a TC Electronic SCF pedal and currently uses the modern descendent Corona Chorus to nail that sound night after night - and now it's yours to have and mold to suit your needs - completely free of charge, just like all the other sounds in the package.

Add the trippy goodness of the TonePrints from Mastodon axe wonder Bill Kelliher, the wide spacious vibes of Bring Me The Horizon with Jona Weinhofens' Delay and Reverb TonePrints, the famous 'Tears Don't Fall' Delay and a rocking Flange sound of Michael 'Padge' Padget, of Bullet For My Valentine fame and the twisted chorus and synth delays of Korns' James 'Munky' Shaffer and you're left with a package equally awesome on clean and distorted sounds that will continue to challenge, inspire and kick your app!

The TonePrints