Let the good vibes roll!

Now that Helix Phaser and Viscous Vibe are finally out onthe streets, it's time for some tone upgrades. That's why we hadsome of the world's sharpest tone-minds whip up some crazy coolphaser and vibe tones for you to beam to your pedals. What avibacious day it is!


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Contest has ended - The winner is Fabio Tolve!

The TonePrints

Sound Examples

Devin Townsend uses his “TC for my Bunghole” TonePrint for the Viscous Vibe

Devin Townsend creates his "Not Van Halen" TonePrint for Helix Phaser

Ethan Farmer and his "E Funk Sexy Phase" TonePrint for the Helix Phaser

Mika Vandborg "Electric Blackbird" TonePrint for Viscous Vibe

Mika Vandborg (Electric Guitars) uses his “The Electric Sparrow” TonePrint for the Helix Phaser

Søren Andersen (Electric Guitars) uses his “Spread Phaser” TonePrint for the Helix Phaser

Jason Hook demonstrating his "Pulled Pork" Helix Phaser TonePrint