There's nothing like a good old dirty slap once in a while! This Tone... DELAY people. We're talking about delay here. Get your mind out of the gutter! Jeez... Where were we? Oh, yeah!

This TonePrint package contains all the fast-paced vintage-voiced slapback delays, and beautiful bouncy reverbs that your chicken-pickin' hearts could possibly desire, plus tons of other cool tones created by some of the most legendary six-string-slingers around. So go get your beam on, and start churning out the country licks of tomorrow!

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The TonePrints

Sound Examples

Andy Wood's "The Power T" TonePrint for the Flashback X4 Delay pedal

Brian nutter creates his Slap Delay TonePrint

Brian Nutter creates his 2290 Mod delay TonePrint

Jerry McPherson creates a low res flashback loop delay TonePrint

Jerry McPherson creates his Dirty Delay TonePrint

Michael Britt creates a beat delay TonePrint

Pat Buchanan creates a tape delay TonePrint

Pat Buchanan creates the Crazy Tape Delay TonePrint