TM7 SDI Rear Perspective

TouchMonitor TM7 is a very popular loudness meter for mobile trucks and small installations where space is always an issue.

Our customers have wished for the same 3G SDI capability of the larger TouchMonitor TM9, and now we introduce a TM7 model with that exact I/O configuration.

TM7 accepts all SD, HD and 3G formats. Apart from the 3G SDI interface (including SDI loop through), you also get 4 digital AES3 inputs (8 channels) and 4 digital AES3 outputs (8 channels) via a D-sub connector.

The internal routing matrix gives you great flexibility and even includes routing SDI to AES, optionally using the meter as an SDI to AES converter while measuring the signal simultaneously.

Like the other versions of TouchMonitor, TM7 with 3G SDI gives you intuitive touch screen control, USB connections, GPIO, Ethernet, VGA output and highly flexible, user-definable screen layouts.

It is also compliant with all major broadcast standards and a plethora of software options are available, including our highly acclaimed Loudness Radar Meter that provides a complete overview of any loudness landscape at a glance, including Loudness History, Momentary Loudness and numeric values for e.g. Program Loudness and Loudness Range.


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