Muddy Foot TonePrint by Nick Beggs

Do you have a thing for the Moog Taurus kind-of bass sound, but no intention of selling all of your shoes on eBay to raise the amount of money needed? Well, here you will find a proper alternative. The “Muddy Foot” TonePrint will give you a crystal-clear tone when you play bass chords and a distinct Taurus tone for playing those subsonic, rumbling notes. Whether you choose to sell all of your shoes on eBay, or beam this TonePrint to your Vortex Flanger, is completely up to you. Either way, a "Muddy Foot" is heading your way.


Sound examples by Nick Beggs

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Nick Beggs demos his "Muddy Foot" TonePrint for the Corona Chorus pedal

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We met with Nick Beggs in late 2013 when he was playing a gig with Steven Wilson at Train in Aarhus. Prior to the concert he created a total of five TonePrints – All with genius parametric settings and very strange names.

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