Gems From the Vault Signature Presets by Bob Greaves

In his own words, Bob Greaves is not an expert on the TC 2290, just a humble owner and user.

We disagree. Extremely knowledgable and always willing to share that knowledge, Bob has built one of the greatest online repositories of all things 2290, helping and inspiring heaps of musicians along the way.

With his website, he has gathered all sorts of resources: guides, specs, tips and tidbits in relation to the classic unit, and made them readily available for everyone to enjoy.

With his presets for the 2290, Bob keeps that tradition of sharing alive, revealing true gems from his personal tone vault - all either pulled straight from his unit, or reconstructed based on his notes from years of experimenting.

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Answer Back, Chopped, Contained, Enter L Exit R, Enter R Exit L, Fade-In Slap, FX-Bouncing Ball, Gentle Dyn Delay, More Nervous, Nervous, Pange, Riding Away, Slow Moving Chorus, Staccato Ping Pong, Swap Sides, Tremmy Chorus Room, Tweety, Vocal Flange, Wait For It, Watertank

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