Rome Calling – The Audio and Loudness Seminar of 2011

Rome Calling - Keynote Speakers

In June 2011, some of the most respected audio authorities - including George Massenburg, Bob Katz, Florian Camerer and Thomas Lund - gathered in Rome, Italy, to share their thoughts and experiences on loudness measurement in connection with recording, mixing, mastering and broadcasting.

For ages, sound was a natural phenomenon, only existing while being produced, but audio recording technology changed that once and for all. Now, beautiful audible moments can be captured and reproduced to enjoy at any time. However, technology can also be abused, which is rarely beneficial to the music and film-loving listener. In some cases, technology can be used in unintended and creative ways with great results, but in other cases, e.g. excessive use of compression, audio tends to suffer considerably. Our seminar in Rome touched both of these topics.

Rome Calling - Bob Katz speaks about loudness in mastering

We have been part of the audio technology industry for decades and are determined to serve audio first - whether it being music, sound for film, broadcast, etc. One way to reach this goal has been to contribute massively to the on-going development and definition of international broadcasting standards such as ITU and EBU in collaboration with several independent research institutes and organizations. Another way is to host knowledge-boosting seminars large enough to gather some of the industry's most influential speakers, yet personal enough to exchange information and experience with them first-hand.

The speakers at the seminar in Rome included such capacities as George Massenburg, Simone Corelli, Florian Camerer, Alessandro Travaglini, Richard van Everdingen, Bob Katz and Thomas Lund. The first day of the seminar focused on post-production, while the second day concentrated on professional broadcasting and particularly the radical changes happening in production and distribution of broadcast, film and music as a consequence of new ITU and EBU standards. For example, the groundbreaking and comprehensive EBU R128 loudness recommendation was investigated from a multitude of angles, as was the just updated ITU-R BS.1770-2 broadcast standard.

Video Presentations

EBU R128 Introduction - Florian Camerer

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Download Simone Corelli's presentation "Cinema requirements, calibrated listening, dialog." (PDF)

Rome Calling Aftermath

The seminar was a huge success! The Eternal City created a perfect frame for the event, and the keynote speakers willingly shared all of their expertise on recording, mixing, mastering and broadcasting with the participants.

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