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We've loaded LM2n & LM6n with new dedicated settings, new viewing options, improved off-line measuring (Pro Tools) - and a host of other new features.

Also check out LM1n that offers the essentials of loudness metering.

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System 6000 - Al Schmitt's Number One Mixing Tool

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Al Schmitt has worked with Paul McCartney, George Benson, Toto, Steely Dan, Ray Charles and many more. Oh, and winning 18 Grammy Awards for engineering kind of speaks for itself!

System 6000 is always part of Al's productions, and if he is working in other studios he always makes sure they have a System 6000. If they don't, he will simply bring his own.

"It's such a natural sounding unit, and the control you have over everything is great. It's the number one tool in my arsenal - I don't do anything without it.

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